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Delivering Market Choice with GM Canola

A report entitled ‘Delivering market choice with GM canola’ has been developed by the grains industry. This report describes the industry’s capacity to use GM canola and deliver market choice, and was presented at the Agriculture Australia 2007 conference in Melbourne on 7 August. The report is based on extensive industry consultation and has shown that the supply chain has the protocols, practises and processes either in place or available to manage these new varieties of canola.  The grains industry recognises that choice must be a priority across the supply chain and that all customers – from farmers to consumers – can use or access the products of their choice. The report was developed under a project originally funded by Single Vision Grains Australia. The supply chain’s protocols and processes, the technical principles and practices, and the requirements of the marketplace, were scoped and evaluated.

Market Choice with GM Canola

GM canola was grown commercially for the first year in 2008. Stakeholder reports have been prepared for the first 3 seasons which review the performance of the market choice framework. These reports are listed below.

Market Choice Report (08/09 Season)
Market Choice Report (09/10 Season)
Market Choice Report (10/11 Season)

In addition, a number of other guideline documents have been produced to aid supply chain participants in ensuring market choice continues to be delivered.

Principles for process management of grain within the Australian supply chain
Keeping non-GM canola non-GM canola – A guide for growers and handlers.