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Vale: John Lamont

Passing of John Lamont- Canola pioneer

John Lamont passed away peacefully on Anzac Day, 2015.

John was a pioneer of the Australian canola industry, having experimented with the crop since the early 1970's.

During his lifetime, John not only saw the industry grow from a few thousand hectares to over 2 million, he was instrumental in making that happen. He played a major role in experimenting and developing best practice agronomy and working with seed companies on trialling new varieties.

He helped to establish the Canola Association of Australia (now part of AOF), and was President for a number of years.

The AOF Executive and members pass on condolences to John's family.

"John Lamont- who left his mark on the Australian countryside in bright yellow patches

and planted the seeds for a multibillion dollar industry. Thank you John and farewell" 

Rest in Peace. 







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