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AOF Supply Chain Training Program

The AOF Supply Chain Academy was launched in 2003 and has been succesfully run since with over 100 graduates.

The program has been developed by AOF as a means of continuing to attract people to the oilseed industry and enhance their participation in AOF and the industry more broadly. The program is aimed at developing leadership skills and promoting professional development of participants from across the supply chain.

The Supply Chain Training Program is intended to give industry participants an understanding of the business at all parts of the supply chain. The program includes site visits and lectures or training sessions.

Anyone can attend the supply chain program.  All participants are responsible for the cost of their own travel to and from the course and accommodation during the event.  All other costs are covered by the course fee.  Each course is limited to 15 places.

Courses are generally conducted in April and September of each year, alternatively in Melbourne and Sydney regions.

Contact AOF for more details about the courses.