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2009 Canola Pathology Workshop

Session I: Blackleg field survey and durability of resistance

Phil Salisbury:  Five year blackleg survey
Ravjit Khangura/Phil Salisbury:  WA blackleg survey and research update
Vicki Thomas:  Erosion of resistance
Trent Potter:  Historical cultivar and 08 survey
Steve Marcroft:  Pilot scale durability project
Angela Van de Wouw:  Monitoring of virulence in fungal populations

Session II: Tools for exploiting Brassica genome for blackleg resistance

Steve Marcroft / Angela Van de Wouw:  Identification of resistance genes in Australian canola cultivars through development of a differential set of blackleg isolates
Wayne Burton:  Effectiveness of novel sylvestris-derived resistance genes
Dave Edwards:  Sequencing of Brassica A genome
Harsh Raman:  Update on molecular marker project

Session III: New projects

Jacqui Batley:  Co-evolution of the host pathogen interaction between Leptosphaeria maculans and Brassica species
Bonny Vogelzang:  Epidemiology and modelling
Dini Ganesalingam / Wallace Cowling:  Exploring the blackleg rating data
Robert Battaglia:  New seed treatments for blackleg control (No copy available)

Session IV: Other diseases of canola / juncea:

Kurt Lindbeck:  Virus and sclerotinia update
Susie Sprague:  Impact of grazing canola on disease

Session V: Getting the message out to advisors and growers

Steve Marcroft:  Industry response to reduced blackleg resistance
Felicity Pritchard:  Sclerotinia fact sheet
Rob Wilson:  Cultural blackleg management practices for high risk regions (Eyre Peninsula)

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