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2012 Canola Pathology Workshop

Session I:  Incidence/severity of canola diseases (Chair: Rob Wilson)

Trent Potter:
Andrew Ware:
Ravjit Khangura:
Martin Barbetti:
National round up of diseases
Blackleg on Eyre Peninsula – breakdown of Hyola 50 resistance
Sclerotinia in WA
Screening lines for resistance to Sclerotinia

Session II:  Fungal virulence and blackleg resistance genes (Chair: Wayne Burton)

Rohan Lowe:
Jacquie Batley or lab member:
Harsh Raman/Dave Edwards:
Angela van de Wouw/Steve Marcroft:
Genes controlling virulence in L.maculans and L.biglobosa
Sequence analysis of L.maculans isolates
Using molecular markers to clone blackleg resistance genes
Staying Ahead of Blackleg (SABL); classifying cultivars into different resistance groups; National Disease Management Plan

Session III:  Fungicides (Chair: Martin Barbetti)

Vicki Elliott:
Geoff Robertson:
Barb Howlett:
Effects of fungicides on blackleg
Prosaro: a newly released foliar fungicide from Bayer
Propensity for fungicide resistance to blackleg

Session IV:  Other issues (Chair: Rohan Rainbow)

Rob Wilson/David Luckett:

Frank Henry:
Steve Marcroft:
Summary of breeders meeting – prioritisation of disease traits
Getting the message to growers:
Updating Backpocket guides on canola diseases
Crop Disease app for smart phones

Session V:  Actions & wrap up (Chair: Phil Salisbury)

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