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Better Break Crops Workshop

As part of the Better Break Crops project, Canola workshops were conducted on 9 November 2010 in Perth, WA.

Presentations for those workshops are listed below.

Presentation Author
Break Crop Benefits Felicity Pritchard
Break Crop Areas Alan Meldrum
Which Canola Systems? Grant Thompson
Roundup Ready Canola systems Kate Burke
Hybrids vs OP Grant Thompson
Hybrid Sowing Rates Felicity Pritchard
Keeping ahead of Blackleg Wallace Cowling
How close can the rotation be? Ravjit Khangura (DAFWA)
Sclerotinia - a problem for Pulses & Canola Geoff Thomas (DAFWA)
Canola Risk Management Kate Burke
Insect resistance and insect management update Darrell Hardie (DAFWA)