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CAA Pest and Disease Workshop

National Canola Disease and Insect Workshop

Held at the Wine Science Centre, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga on 27 August 2002.

A list of the papers presented at the workshop are provided below.  For copies of papers presented at this conference, please contact the presenters directly.

  • Steve Brill (2002)

Regional Summaries

  • Canola in South Australia - Trent Potter (2002)
  • Canola: Disease & Insect Summary for the Medium to High Rainfall Zone Sth NSW - Chris Duff (2002)
  • Canola & Mustard In Northern NSW- Holland, J., Schwinghamer, M. and Nicholas, A. (2002)

Research Summaries

  • Victorian Research Update - Steve Marcroft
  • Canola Pathology Research Summary - Martin Barbetti
  • Forecasting Sclerotinia Stem Rot In Canola - Tamrika Hind
  • Pacific Seeds Blackleg Tested 9.0 - Andrew Easton
  • Canola Seedling Pests - Phil Michael
  • Diamond Back Moth (DBM) - CAA

Control Measures

  • Jay4 - Grains Chemical Registration Project- All Grains - Jim Swain (2002)