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2006 Sunflower Conference

Conference Proceedings

Presentations from the 2006 Sunflower Conference can be downloaded by clicking on the presenter’s name.

Conference Opening

Peter Reading, GRDC

Session 1 Marketing and New Technology

Trends in demand for sunflower oil and consumer preferences.  Jade Ng, Goodman Fielder
The US perspective – Weed control and new technology.  Dr Phillip Stahlman, Part 1 & Part 2, Kansas State University, USA.

Session 2 Insect and Disease Management

Insects - their effects and management.  Dr Dave Murray, QDPI & F
Diseases in Sunflowers – an update on the latest research.  Dr Gary Kong, QDPI&F

Breeding and Agronomy

Ways to influence seed size, quality (oil content) and yield.  Dr Victor Sadras, SARDI & University of Adelaide
Breeding and new technology – where is the focus world wide? Alan Scott, Pacific Seeds
Confectionary Sunflowers – a new breeding program. Sun Yue (Jenny), University of Queensland

Session 4 Agronomy and Storage

Sunflower benchmarking – current industry practice and trends which lead to high yield and oil contents.  Stephanie Belfield and Loretta Serafin, NSW DPI
Water use efficiency – an on-farm perspective – how do sunflowers compare to the other summer crops?  Rob Long, B & W Rural
Storing sunflowers using aeration, Tait

Session 5 End Users and Alternative Uses

Health benefits from margarines.  Dr Peter Clifton, CSIRO
Alternative uses of sunflowers in the USA.  Dr Phil Stahlman, Kansas State University, USA.
Alternative markets for sunflowers.  David Montgomery, Oleo & Phillip Albury, Philp Brodie Grains