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Grower Requirements

Growers participating in the Sustainable Grain Australia (SGA) ISCC scheme are required to comply with and undertake the following:

  • Grant access and participate in internal and external audits where required.
  • Conduct a self-assessment for compliance with the Standard as per the Grower Fact Sheets (Canola or Other Grain) and meet and can provide the documentation to internal and external auditors as detailed in the R‑001 : ISCC Grower Self Assessment & Audit Requirements.
  • Provide information to internal and external auditors, where required, especially in relation to the major production activities of sustainable material.
  • Commit to the implementation of amendments and corrective actions to rectify non- compliance with the Standard as directed by the AOF Central Office.
  • Submit via NGR the Self Declaration to demonstrate to commitment to the Standard. (The NGR has prepared this short video to assist  growers in completing the Self Declaration)
  • That  all legal obligations are being met and that my operations for my entire owned and leased land comply with the ISCC requirements.

Appropriate documentation serves as a core component of any scheme as it provides the necessary assurance that requirements are being met.

On farm, examples of the following documents should be regularly maintained and readily accessible:

  • ISCC Grower Self Assessment & Audit Requirements
  • Grain sale contracts
  • Weighbridge tickets
  • Production summary
  • Chemical/fertiliser inventory and usage records
  • Seed purchase invoices or labels of seed sown
  • Receipts from Drummuster, or equivalent
  • Equipment calibration records
  • Employment and training records
  • Contracts with subcontractors
  • Planning and council approval permits and/or Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Fire Permit if burning occurs in season
  • Soil and/or plant tissue test results

Document R‑001 : ISCC Grower Self Assessment & Audit Requirements outlines additional documentation that is required for on farm audits.

To assist growers in documenting required information, SGA provides a range of easy-to-use documents in the Document Downloads section of this website.

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