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Australian Capital Territory Schools Kit

Australian Capital Territory Schools Kit

THe Journey of oilseeds coverThe journey of oilseeds – teaching manual

This resource is designed for students aged 8-10 years in Years 3 and 4 and has been designed to meet outcomes in the Australian Capital Territory Early and Later Childhood bands of Development.

The resource aims to encourage and promote healthy behaviours in young people and an appreciation of the environment. It includes a wide range of activities for teachers to choose from in developing their own programs. The resource can be used as a focus of activity for 1-2 weeks or as an ongoing project over a few months.

Since visits to food production facilities are usually inappropriate as school excursions, this resource provides information on the production of a healthy, natural food in the Australian diet.

Australian Capital Territory teaching manual (PDF 1.7MB)
ISBN: 0 7313 8505 5
SCIS: 1284406

The journey of oilseeds – story book

The journey of oilseeds – story book  (PDF 5MB)
ISBN: 0 7313 8506 3
SCIS: 1284376


Spreads production process – Poster

Spreads production process – poster (PDF 528KB)

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