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Northern Territory Schools Kit

THe Journey of oilseeds coverThe journey of oilseeds – teaching manual

This resource is designed for students aged 8-10 years and has been designed to meet outcomes in the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework: Studies of Society and Environment for Band 2.

The resource aims to encourage and promote healthy behaviours in young people and an appreciation of the environment. It includes a wide range of activities for teachers to choose from in developing their own programs. The resource can be used as a focus of activity for 1-2 weeks or as an ongoing project over a few months.

Since visits to food production facilities are usually inappropriate as school excursions, this resource provides information on the production of a healthy, natural food in the Australian diet.

Northern Territory teaching manual (PDF 1.7MB)
ISBN: 0 7313 8505 5
SCIS: 1284406

The journey of oilseeds – story book

The journey of oilseeds – story book  (PDF 5MB)
ISBN: 0 7313 8506 3
SCIS: 1284376


Spreads production process – Poster

Spreads production process – poster (PDF 528KB)

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