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Australian Soybean Industry

Soybean production is important to Australian farmers and is an important part of Australia’s $2.5 billion oilseed industry. The soybean industry is also an important contributor to regional economies with businesses including input suppliers, service providers, soybean processing facilities and soy food manufacturers based in regional areas. Additionally, the soybean industry also makes an important contribution to the sustainability and profitability of farming systems as a rotation crop through improving soil fertility and as a disease break.

Soybeans have been adapted across a wide area of Australia ranging from the northern Queensland to the Darling Downs and inland river valleys south to the NSW coastal hinterland and coastal sugar belt to the inland cropping regions of southern NSW and Victoria. Soybeans are also grown in the northern irrigation areas of Western Australia (refer map below). Soybeans are only restricted to irrigation areas or those where there are adequate levels of summer rainfall.

Map of Soybean Regions in Australia

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