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Australian National Soybean Breeding Program

A key activity of Soy Australia is to work in partnership with the members of the Australian National Soybean Breeding Program (ANSB) and its commercial partners to develop new varieties that will benefit all sectors of the soybean supply chain. The ANSB is a joint venture between CSIRO, NSW DPI and funded by the GRDC. The key objectives of the ANSB are to:

  • Assist the industry to reach its full potential by developing soybean varieties with wider adaption, regionally targeted fitness, yield and agronomic traits.
  • Combine these traits with end-user requirements, including the higher value culinary markets.
  • Develop improved linkages with commercial partners and the wider soybean industry.

Soy Australia’s commercialisation strategy is based on incorporating the significant business opportunities currently, and into the future, facing the Australian soybean industry. Soy Australia will work closely with all segments of the soybean supply chain establishing the requirements and benefits of the numerous end uses of Australian soybeans, communicating these and facilitating strategic linking along the whole supply chain to build a solid and dynamic industry. Soy Australia’s plan for a route to market includes all of the many end uses of soybeans including the edible, animal, industrial and aquaculture feeds, the crushers and a variety of other valuable end use markets.