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Breeding Program

National development of new varieties

The growth and development of the Australian soybean industry will be underpinned by the development of new varieties through the Australian National Soybean Breeding Program (ANSB). The program represents a partnership between the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), CSIRO and NSW DPI. The activities of the collaborating partners are:

  • CSIRO : will lead the soybean improvement program and implement the breeding strategy including undertaking pre breeding to identify and introgress new traits, crossing, breeding and generational advance of the new germplasm, laboratory testing for quality, some varietal evaluation of the new lines and provide the strategic research direction of the program.
  • NSW DPI: will undertake some generational advance, strain and variety trials for phenology, yield and agronomic traits, resistance to shattering, downy mildew and Sclerotinia. They will also evaluate the lines for acceptability to human consumption markets and test for protein and oil content.
  • GRDC is a key investor and supporter of the program.

Key objectives of the breeding program are to:

  1. Assist the soybean industry to achieve its full potential by developing cultivars with wider adaptation, maturities that fit each target soybean region, improved yield, higher protein content, weathering tolerance, drought tolerance, phytophthora and other disease resistances.
  2. Combine these traits with processing characteristics necessary for all sectors of the soybean market including the higher value culinary markets.
  3. Develop improved linkages between elements of the ANSB and Soy Australia to support a more rapid advancement of the industry and to promote efficiencies in delivering improved soybean varieties to farmers and processors.

The ANSB has a number of key target regions. The regions include the Riverina (NSW), the north coast (NSW), inland irrigation areas (NSW), sub-tropical coastal region (Qld) and the Darling Downs (Qld).