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Industry Reports

The AOF, from time to time, commissions specific industry reports to provide relevant information to members and other stakeholders. Recent reports commissioned by the AOF include the following:

GM Canola: Reports outlining the industry plan, and subsequent experience in delivering market choice following the commercial introduction of GM canola in 2008.

Windrowing/Swathing: This report details the results of an extensive survey of growers, capturing their perceptions and practices used to determine the optimal time for windrowing or swathing.

Greenhouse Gas Reports : These reports, completed by CSIRO, detail the methodology used and the final determination for greenhouse gas values attributable to canola production in Australia. These reports, once formally accepted by the EU Parliament and actioned by enabling legislation provide the basis for demonstrating the relatively low emissions value attributable to Australian canola production, providing Australian canola with a competitive advantage into the EU for use in biodiesel. These reports have been funded by AOF members/AEGIC (2016) and Department of Agriculture (2022).

Chlorophyll in Australian Canola:  Australian canola may also undergo periodic harvests which result in green seed. Frost damage in particular has been reported as the major cause. This study was designed to determine the degree of the problem, the reasons and possible solutions.

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