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Standards Manual

The AOF Standards Manual contains the quality and technical standards for the Australian oilseeds industry and the supporting methods of analysis. Please note that there are nominated methods that must be used in the case of dispute.

The trading standards are revised annually, and proposed changes and draft standards are made available for member consultation.  To download the latest Standards Consultation Paper and submit your feedback, go to the Trading Standards Consultation section of the website.

The complete manual is downloadable below. Trading Standards (Section One) is publicly available, while Methods (Section Two) is available to “members only“.  If you have forgotten your login details, please contact the administrator.
Please note that you need to download both Sections One and Two to obtain a complete manual.

If you experience any problems in accessing these documents, please contact us.

AOF Standards Manual 2023/24 – Section One (Issue 22)
Available to non-Members
Updated: Aug 2023

AOF Standards Manual – Section Two
Available to Members only
Size: 818.5 Kb
Updated: Aug 2019

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