Australian Oilseeds Federation

Australian Oilseeds Federation

A shared vision and framework for future investment and collaboration supporting the continued growth of the Australian canola industry.

Read the latest production estimates, rainfall summary and state by state condition reports.

Learn more about the major Australian suppliers and exporters of seed, oil and meal

 A free educational resource which demonstrates the farm to paddock experience of Australian spreads.

Australian Oilseeds Federation

The Australian Oilseeds Federation Inc. (AOF) was established in 1970 to represent the common interests of all Australian oilseed industry participants and to promote the development, expansion and improvement of Australian oilseed production.

Sustainable Grain Australia (SGA)

SGA facilitates the sustainability certification of Australian grain, oilseeds and pulses.

AOF Standards Manual

Quality and technical standards for the Australian oilseeds industry and the methods of analysis


Recognised canola varieties, according to their segregation - CSO-1; CSO-1A and CSJ-1A.

Industry Facts and Figures

Learn about Australia's production and exports of canola and cottonseed

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