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APVMA Minor Crop Permits

Current Agricultural Pesticide Minor Use Permits for Broad Acre Crops OILSEED CROPS


The Grains Research and Development Corporation’s (GRDC’s) “Pesticides for Minor Uses in Grain” project identifies pesticides considered by industry to be essential for continued sustainable production of minor grain crops and then seeks to have them registered or permitted for use.  The research team collaborates with State departments of agriculture, independent advisers and the chemical industry to obtain the information necessary for registration or use permits for nominated chemicals in co-operation with Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). The program aims to consider pesticide (herbicides, fungicides and insecticides) use in minor crops or minor uses in major crops.


Minor Use permits are granted on the basis of best available information. Part of the conditions of approval may involve the permit holder to develop further supporting data to validate the use for further permits or registration. Often this validation involves test regimes determining acceptable pesticide residue in the crop commodities. IT IS CRITICAL permit users adhere to the permit and label use restrictions and recommendations to minimise export, crop safety and other potential issues associated with use.

To contact the Minor Permit team with questions or requests, email:

Steve Jones  (   OR

Kevin Bodnaruk  (

Current Minor Use Permits

Information on all CURRENT Minor Use Permits for Oilseed Crops can be accessed via the document below.

 CURRENT Ag Pesticide Minor Use Permits – Oilseed Crops
(Last Updated: Jun-2023)

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