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The Journey of Oilseeds Resource Kit — Spreading the Good Word To Years 3 & 4 Students

The Journey of Oilseeds is a free educational resource kit which demonstrates the farm to paddock experience of Australian spreads. Supporting current curricula in Studies of Society and Environment and Science and Technology, the kit was developed in conjunction with the New South Wales Department of Education and Training, and in consultation with teachers and education authorities in all states and territories. The teaching strategies and resources have been trialled and evaluated in a variety of school situations and eight versions have been developed, addressing curriculum outcomes for each state and territory.

The breadth of the resource is wide and covers the growth, production and use of Australian oilseeds and spreads.

The class tasks include:

  1. Recording the growth of an oilseed plant
  2. Identifying the origins of natural oil
  3. Sequencing the steps in the production of spreads
  4. Making spreads in the classroom
  5. Conducting consumer surveys on the use of spreads
  6. Identifying spreads as part of a natural and healthy lifestyle
  7. Planning a community to demonstrate the responsible interaction with the environment.

Click on your state to download the teaching manual which includes background information, lesson plans and activity sheets.

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