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A number of AOF members have requested assistance in relation to issues around MRLs.  This has primarily been in response to the introduction by new legislation in Japan, but also changes proposed by other markets.

AOF has undertaken a review of MRLs in order to assist its members and to ensure that the oilseed industry is compliant with existing regulations. 

From this review, we have developed a document listing which chemicals are registered for use at each stage of crop for each crop and their MRLs.  We are also developing a document that reviews appropriate action in the event a chemical does not comply with relevant MRLs.

This document is a reference document for AOF members to validate compliance with registered chemicals.  The information contained has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable and valid at the date specified. It is deemed to be reliable based on available information.  However, it is not a definitive document and members should confirm the data with the relevant government authorities prior to conducting any business.

If you have any feedback on this, please contact AOF.

Download the MRL TABLE

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