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Greenhouse Gas Report

The  AOF initiates the Canola Greenhouse Gas Country Report required every 5 years by the European Commission. These peer-reviewed reports are prepared by the CSIRO and provide the detailed methodology used in determining the greenhouse gas emissions attributed to canola production in each state in Australia. The greenhouse gas values are assessed by the European Union (Directorate General, Energy) and enacted through enabling legislation. European buyers of Australian canola for use in the bioenergy market are then able to use the emissions data in these reports to calculate the total emissions associated with production of bioenergy, which is typically biodiesel.

These reports have been funded by AOF Members and AEGIC (2016) and Federal Department of Agriculture (2022).

For more information on Australia’s canola trade with the EU for biodiesel, see this fact sheet.

Greenhouse Gas Country Report  (2016)

Greenhouse Gas Country Report (2022)
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