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Grains Industry Common GM Declaration

What is the issue?

On receipt of grain from a grower or during transfer in the trade, declarations are made on such things as chemical residue status of the grain and variety. This information is used by the buyer or storer of the grain to verify the grain meets regulations or market requirements.

There are various declarations used in the industry, depending on the company receiving the grain.

Currently the industry is using various terms in relation to GM.  Using several different declarations with different wording has the potential to make traceability and transfer of information about the grain difficult.

Who produced the declarations?

The Australian Oilseeds Federation, as the peak body representing the interests of the oilseed industry, developed these declarations following feedback from its members.

The NACMA Standards Committee has reviewed and approved these declarations.

Detailed Information

A detailed document fully describing the various declarations that can be used by industry can be downloaded below.

Download the declarations.