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Sustainable Grain Australia

The Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF) has developed Sustainable Grain Australia (SGA) to facilitate the sustainability certification of Australian grain, oilseeds and pulses under the ISCC scheme. Sustainable Grain Australia is designed to simplify and standardise the process for growers across the country, while also improving the efficiency of the audit process for growers.

Sustainable Grain Australia operates as a Central Office under the ISCC scheme providing an ‘umbrella’ under which all participating growers can operate. The Program Overview provides an overview of how Sustainable Grain Australia assists growers with ISCC Certification.

Sustainable Grain Australia is fully integrated with National Grower Register (NGR) to facilitate growers completing sustainability declarations and is supported by Australia’s leading grain traders and exporters as Participating Companies.

To assist growers participating in the Sustainable Grain Australia (SGA) ISCC scheme, SGA provides a range of easy-to-use documents in the Document Downloads section of this website.

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Listen to the Sustainability Certification podcast episode (from Ramsey Radio) for an informative and easy-to-follow explanation of what grain sustainability certification is all about, or search for ‘Sustainability Certification’ on Spotify or your favourite podcast app.

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