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Australian Research Assembly on Brassicas

The first ARAB conference was held in the late seventies and since then, the industry has grown substantially. The canola segment of the grains industry in southern Australia has increased from 40,000 ha in 1990 to around 1.8m ha by 2000. Held every two years, ARAB is one of the most important events for presenting current information about the rapidly expanding Australian oilseeds industry.

The 19th ARAB Conference 2016 (Melbourne, Vic)

In 2016, the 19th Australian Research Assembly on Brassicas combined with the 20th Crucifer Genetics Conference to become Brassica 2016.
Click here for the Brassica 2016 program.

The 18th ARAB Conference 2014 (Tanunda, Barossa Valley, SA)

Click here for information on ARAB 2014.

The 17th ARAB Conference 2011 (Wagga Wagga, NSW)

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The 16th ARAB Conference 2009 (Ballarat, Victoria)

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