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The Executive

The AOF Executive is composed of representatives from all sectors of the industry, and is led by a senior leadership team.

The Executive

Senior Leadership Team:

President :
Vice President :
Vice President :
Vice President :
Treasurer :
Public Officer :
Rob Wilson
Trent Potter
Dan Morgan
Kevin Charlesworth
Lachlan Herbert
Michael Tighe

Sector Representatives:

Consumer sector representative :
Crushing sector representative :
Exporting sector representative :
GIWA representative :
Refining sector representative :
Production sector representative :
Seed sector representative :
Stockfeed sector representative :
Trading sector representative :
Chair, Canola sub-committee :
Chair, Sunflower sub-committee :
Chair, Soy sub-committee :
Chair, Technical Committee :
Cameron Pratt (GrainCorp Oils)
Andrew Freebairn (Glencore)
Michael Lamond (GIWA)
Michael Tighe (Peerless Foods)
Kevin Morthorpe (GenTech Seeds)
John Spragg (SFMCA)
Adam Davis
Don McCaffery (NSW DPI)
Kevin Charlesworth (Grower)
Peter Brodie (Maralong Milling)
Geoff Masters

Executive Officer:

Nick Goddard:Australian Oilseeds Federation