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AOF Strategic Plan 2025

The AOF 2025 strategic plan provides a roadmap for industry to grow from its current value of $3 billion to $5 billion by 2025. It serves as an update to the comprehensive plan developed in 2010.

Prepared against the background of developments in global and domestic food, feed and industrial sectors, the AOF plan takes into account the impacts on demand from traditional food and emerging non-food uses and the changing supply base.

During the coming years, AOF will put in motion programs that create industry value through creating diversity, encouraging innovation and achieving excellence.  The programs are geared towards market preference through value add in production, quality and reliability as the platform to realising increased value, growth and production. 

The four strategic themes for the 2025 Strategic Plan are:

  • Leadership – Taking the lead in shaping the industry's environment;
  • Sustainability – Proactively supporting industry's licence to operate;
  • Market Access – Facilitating expansion into new markets while protecting those existing;
  • Influencing Demand – Growing value by continually addressing end-user needs.

Download a copy of the 2025 plan – AOF 2025 Strategic Plan.
Download an overview of the 2015 plan – AOF 2015 Strategic Plan.
Download a copy of the 2010 plan – AOF 2010 Strategic Plan  
OR contact AOF for a hard copy.