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The Executive

The AOF Executive is composed of representatives from all sectors of the industry, and is led by a senior leadership team.

The Executive

Senior Leadership Team:

President   :   Rosemary Richards

Vice President :   Rob Wilson

Vice President :   Dan Morgan

Treasurer :   Lachlan Herbert

Public Officer :   Michael Tighe

Senior Leadership Team:

Consumer sector representative :    Vacant

Crushing sector representative :   Cameron Pratt (GrainCorp Oils)

GIWA representative :    Michael Lamond (GIWA)

Refining sector representative :    Michael Tighe (Peerless Foods)

Production sector representative :    Vacant

Seed sector representative :    David Strong (BASF)

Stockfeed sector representative :    Duncan Rowland (SFMCA)

Chair, Canola sub-committee :    Don McCaffery (NSW DPI)

Chair, Safflower sub-committee :    Rosemary Richards (GO Resources)

Chair, Sunflower sub-committee :    Kevin Charlesworth (Grower)

Chair, Soy sub-committee :    Simon Crane (Seednet)

Chair, Technical Committee :    Neil Bowman (GrainCorp)

Executive Officer:

Nick Goddard :  Australian Oilseeds Federation

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